We're all About Games

Community-Driven. Free to Play.


Company Overview

Our marketing department likes to say stuff like, "Hi-Rez Studios is an industry-leading video game developer at the forefront of the free-to-play, games as a service model." But we're just gamers, with love and skill to make games that anyone can play regardless of income or platform. Hi-Rezzers are fueled by our game communities and the love they have for the realms and battlegrounds that we are lucky enough to create and grow. Our games have been played by more than 70 million people worldwide on PC, mobile, and console, which blows our minds. Our experiences with such an awesome collection of gamers is the major reason why we are trailblazers of the F2P and cross-play movements. We want all of our players to be able to game with their friends regardless of platform, just as we like to game with ours.


Building Community

We’ve been recognised for our company culture, leadership and diversity. We pride ourselves on being gamers who like to play and who love the great communities that have built up around our games, often involving them in our year-round charity efforts.

Whether it's the rich competitive scenes of SMITE and Paladins, the appreciation of intricate cosplay, or a wide-ranging philosophical discussions on Reddit about game balance, we revel in it all--the good and the snarky. Our development cycles extend well beyond our office walls as --we seek feedback and ideas for our games from all over the internet, in-person at Hi-Rez Expo and other events, and in our work with the Olympians and Assembly of Champions player councils for SMITE and Paladins.

We recognize our responsibility to the real world outside our virtual ones. Hi-Rez takes steps to reduce our impact on the environment, we support the communities around our offices, and we are a part of several important games industry collectives like BAFTA, UKIE, Fair Play Alliance, and GGDA. We actively support local charity groups through our volunteer @HiRezHelps employee group, generously match individual employee contributions, offer one paid volunteer day per year and average $500,000 in yearly donations to charities with the help of our players to Make-A-Wish, Child’s Play, Red Cross, Extra Life, and more.


Mission Statement

We build and nurture long-lasting and inclusive communities around multiplayer gaming experiences that engage, connect and exhilarate our players.

Hi-Rez specializes in multiplayer games that bring together players for fun and the thrill of competition. Our games are more than just pixels and clicks – we connect people in the virtual and real worlds, providing them with thrilling gaming experiences. We build communities and games that welcome a wide audience. Our games span globally, reach across gaming platforms, are affordable, and transcend traditional social boundaries such as cultures and languages.

We aim not only to create great communities and games that are vibrant, constantly evolving, and self-sustaining - but to manage them lovingly and competently on a continuous basis. As such, we seek to operate our games at a reasonable profit and in a way that is appropriate to the community's size and potential. While all the above sounds like carefully crafted corporate l33tspeak (and it honestly is), the cool thing is that it’s actually true and it informs all major decisions we make.


Core Values


No assholes, no egos. We recognize the importance of others and know that there's always room to learn and improve. No role or task is beneath anyone if it is in the service of excellence and the greater good.


We recognize that our games and our gamer communities need constant feeding and improvement in order to sustain and grow. We never let down our guard and work every day to improve our players’ experiences.


We’re highly experimental, data-driven, and iterative. We constantly seek the best result, independent of our initial biases or theses. An experiment that disproves a thesis is as successful as an experiment that proves a thesis – we celebrate learning and the iterative process of discovery.


We are flexible and straight forward, not afraid of change, and able to make sacrifices and compromises in the pursuit of the best overall result.


We are daring, driven and future-facing. We treat Hi-Rez like our own business. We take pride in what we do and accountability for our results.


We do not shy from the pursuit of greatness, even at the risk of failure.